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"Both Sides of the Sand" is the debut album from International Mcee, Poet, Journalist and dual-citizen, Mohammed "BigMo" Alkhadher.

Green Luck Media Group brings you a conscious project that touches on many of the daily horrors that plague our media's by-lines. Be it political, social, or religious, "Both Sides of the Sand" finds a way to shed light on two different cultures perceptions of one another, while also finding a way to bridge the two, citing similarities in interests and beliefs, while acknowledging our presents failures.

The album's amazingly diverse yet chill soundscapes are provided by Producers from all over the globe, from Kuwait City, Kuwait and East London, UK to Portland, Oregon and South Sudan & Mozambique.

Ignorance is fear, knowledge is bliss.

Enjoy 45+ minutes from a viewpoint of "Both Sides of the Sand."


released November 23, 2013

Executive Producers: Bryce Trost & Sam Waldo (Green Luck Media Group & Samarei Music)
Written by: Mohammed "BigMo" Alkhadher
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered @ Green Luck Media Group
Additional Mixing provided by Matt Murdock



all rights reserved


BigMo (GLMG) Al Asimah, Kuwait

Mohammed “BigMo the Nomadic” Alkhadher, born on July 9th, 1990 in Jackson, Mississippi to a Kuwaiti father & an American mother. The 21-year-old international musician, producer, and songwriter made his home and set his roots in Kaifan before attending undergraduate college at Portland State University from 2007-2012. He frequently travels around the U.A.E. and US, earning his title, The Nomadic. ... more

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Track Name: Introduction
I come from both sides, 2 angles,
Cities that I come from,
No city that I run from,
Nomadic, Or don’t want none,

Flow hotter than Jehannam (Hell),
Legends said I’m problem,
Plural, around the ‘alam (World),
Went from student, to ‘alim (Scholar),

Spoken word filled in the silence,
Never one for violence,
Especially from the sirens,
Politics filled with nonsense,

All of ghaza sobbing,
Mediate, form of moshing,
A rebel with all the causes,
There’s Meaning for those who sought it,

Boohi, rep’ed on my sleeve,
Never loose, like a koufi,
I’m one of the dual breed,
Born in Jackson 90,

Momma was from Portland,
Baba, was a Haji,
None of y’all ignore this,

Kuwait to be specific,
Gulf War, missed it,
Busted lung I’m gifted,
When I’m in Portland, man I miss it,

It’s as far from simplistic,
As I am to a gimmick,
I hope you see my penmanship,
And know the nomadic gets it,

I’m in the booth giving music my all,
Sold everything, want to bankrupt my soul,
Ran the yard line, don’t cock-block my goal,
On my way up, only aiming for gold,

Did this alone, don’t care if you roll,
Came in the end anyway, don’t perform,

Did this solo,
Haters get a no go,
Fakers get a no pass,
Act like you know Mo.
Track Name: Progress
Conscience, right out my mind,
Music right out my soul,
So bright I'll leave you blind,
Present you with all I know

I Burn long, a coal,
If it's easy, it aint progress,
It took time to reach my goals,
Now its time to make a profit...

If it aint progress then it's nonsense,
Main course to a condiment,
Shout out to the cities that I represent,
Shout out to Kuwait,
Salam The middle east
I'll never forget you pdx,
I hope that you remember me,

This is the 2 sided story, Moment of take off,
Moment of glory, Took it to say thank y'all,

From an Arab, that was never meant to make it,
then I Linked up, with green luck,
Creating an occasion,

Balance of persistence and patience,
Thanks for participating,

For the lovin’ and hatin’,
Ima end the waiting,

I'ma drop this with the legends,
Without attempting, To ride on coat tails,
Or switching up my message,

I did it free,
sharakt min 7ubi laha (Participated out of love for her (hiphop)),
Lines as hot as lahab (ember),
Sold my soul, I hope you get it,
If not, just done forget it,
I turned this madness to a habit,
Now it's massive, paper or plastic,
Don’t care how you package it,


Yeah I'm biased, I'm not pious, Cure the problem from the root,
It's a riot, how my mic has, turned its chords into a noose,
Want to hang me from my neck, My last breath left in the booth,

I ponder accepting checks, Picked from the bottom of the pool,

No one seems to ever come up, The pool keeps getting deeper,
Strap Js so they can fly, not knowing it taking years,
It goes to the best messenger, not the greatest achiever,
So here is the ingredients, sex drugs and beer,

Stuck in a box, anchovy demeanor,
Brought through all the speakers,
Can’t hear me any clearer,

I could make tracks about booty drugs and liqour,
It’s easy to rhyme ass with cash, get signed quicker,

I wont switch the message,
I wont flipflop,

This is my right of passage, It’s for hiphop,
You cant have my space, I’ve claimed this spot,
Given it everything, regardless I still got,


Aroo7la fidwa (I’d sacrifice myself for it),
A6eeb bildewa (Cured by my medicine),
Music is my medicine and a weapon is peculiar,

I write gems, Ima jeweler,

Adorned to make me cooler,
Per usual, never neutral,
Conviction, never rumors,

I, Chase lost causes,
I'm the biggest loser,

Speak your mind, have spine, on point, use a ruler,

I walk the walk just to prove it,
Til’ my names on boardwalks,
A sure shock,
To those who knew you,

And every person who doubted,
dissed or even scowled,
my writing has never been louder,

Til I rock a stage,
Push tracks,
Like pushing powder,

With these packs,
I outlast even those who spit that foulest,

nursery rhymes, recycled,
Yes, I come with truth,

I'm your greatest rival,
I'm here for the youth,

Bring that E.D.U., To you
‘Cause, I refuse to leave it in the booth.

Track Name: All of Me
fighting these urges,
people tell me I'm better,

I just grind, keep my chin up,
dont let opinions affect us,

aim at who you project it,
or keep it to yourself,

my chips are on the felt,
with all the cards that ive been dealt,

it's crazy ride, so i squeeze,
try not to lose control, e

(my) hands are on the wheel,
either you swim or you don't,

sometimes your michael phelps,
and people deny, and it's cold,

friendly, put me last,
and I still rocked that boat,

It's my day, mayday,
my team have a hay day,

booth time, set a play date,
bout to burn out, 3gaidi,

I write every song,
like every lines my last,

stayed humble for so long,
its time to give it back,

What can I do,
but give you all me of me,
walk in my shoes,
go on, take the lead,

What can I do,
to give you all of me?
I don't have a reason to pull
every trick out my sleeve,

in the booth, I lay down hot asphalt,
just to pave the roads,
for like-mind IQ's,

intensely questioned,
system by reference,
you ask who the best is,
I laugh at you,

you aint LA Reid,
You aint Randy Jackson,

you can't judge me,
you got it backwards,

who's your top 5?
none of you fucking business,

your in your own top 5?
little conceited, isnt it?

some must be dreamin,

dont write history,
jon meacham,

got time on me,
but im sprintin,

got something to say,
ill meet em

take some time,
til lyrically confident,

conscious rappers,
need to conjure up some common sense.

never one to roll over,
tell me where, ill roll over,

rise up, south fo soda,

to the top, im getting closer,

i could care less for closure,

it's for me to post up,

It's BSOS,
and puttin on for green luck.
Track Name: Bright Lights
bright lights,
got my life on hold,
watch my life unfold,
what youll never know,
molding this wax into gold,

god, dont even know my friends,
wow, im gettin deep in,
why, cant they understand,
that I'm, the one thats leading them,

this goes to OT,
and the dubai nights,
spending less that 24
no sleep
under the dubai lights

the recipe was out of sight,
hooligan was on the mic,
couldve sworn that jibberish went in and killed it twice,
I've been around the world now,
making dreams more than a hope,
show lights,
keep me on a roll,
never made honor role,

shout out to joe,
case they dont know,
with him i started boo7iz,
if i go,
we'll be gone,

Big city, bright lights
big shows, red eye flights,
dreams show, what i might,
do on my own, through what i write,

in school, they turned my words to put downs,
now im in that CD that your kids can not put down,
what now?

Chasing, Big city and bright lights,
Yall don't know what My life's like.

Went to Kuwait, like dude wait,
this is promo, in advance,

then hit Dubai, Like dude bye,
never, would i pass up a chance,

but the lights,
so bright,
wont wanna see me if you can,

i left,
then came home,
do not expect you when I land,

dont expect to be in my plans,
you rest, i took a chance,

go ahead,
just be a fan,

go rep,
like we still friends,

I sweat,
when im on the track,

my blood
bring will bring it back,

i hit,
bombs in baghdad,

my life
not just a fad,
so im goin in, in,
catch me if you can,

and we're rollin in, in,
im solo, with no band,

stay lemi see your hands,

dont act if your not a stan,

im chasing all of the dreams,
its me and my green luck fam..
And we go,
harder than any of yall,
for starters,
we never stall,

i push,
while yall ride the max,
on my back,
not you, I haul,

GL international,
Dubai, wants another go,
Kuwait, is always home,
But I'm chasing,
Track Name: Oil Money
History in the making,
Arabs tryna make it,
Snare and kick,
mic inhance my statement,
Taking it back to basics,
None of yakll thoughts we could be sick.
History in the making,
Sheikhs in the basement,
Machines and hella pens, goodness sakes kids,
yall think I got that oil money,
cayman island offshore money,
you and the news are so dummies,
misconcerned, ignorant,
only type of bomb youll ever find me with.
yall fear us like you did 50’s to communits.
propogated, politics, just talking shit.
Suits and tied, formal gossip,
president how many skulls are in your closet?
How many households do you really think you saved?
When you sent those drones out ordered to ingage,
think a missile at a home, is just a game?
Tell me why bush, still isn’t in a cage.
Tell me why it’s not okay for me to be inraged,
cause half my people are getting paid, living plush?
not enough,
palestines alive diamond in the rough.
Yes I prophet for prophet,
yes my name is mohammed,
never nod when it’s nonsense,
Yes I do this with conscious,
This is more than a concept,
This is more than a hot hit,
SamareI produced the instruments for me to spark with,
Like US to Israel, ask for more when provided,
Then make claims for peace, acting like they are Gandhi,
I got my people behind me, guaranteed you can’t stoppem,
I write, The reason I went to college,
I’ma rebel benevolent, askin questions like letterman,
from the land of soft sedement, comes a rock you can’t levy with,
go to war on a hit and miss, so wrong like you hit the miss,
speak soft with a big stick, make up for your small (beep),
I remember rolling deep ina jeep with the Columbian Frankie,
with my boohiz with me, through the country that made me,
Wild (son) kaifan, told you I’m so Kuwaiti,
And I put on for my people despite all of those that hate you,
You aint me.
Track Name: Heavy
both sides, im heavy,
if both used, im deadly,
keep the course, set steady,
no one will forget me...

im heavy,
this beat heavy,
just keep it steady,
i hope you never forget me,

it's heavy,
these words are heavy,
get it off my chest,
let the water out the levy,

ever since grade school,
I was just a white kid,

kaifan, ma'moun,
name is mohammed,

grey pants, white polo,
listen to what I did,

old school, right hook,
puffed up eyelid,

stuck out like a sore thumb,
put me on an island,

always getting sore from,
another form of violence,

When I'm there I'm white,
Im not one of them.

In the states I’m not,
I’m just another one of them,

Arab in Diaspora,
hope I don’t need a lawyer,
You know how they adore us,
Sij athoona, loya, (They’ve irritated us, it’s annoying.)

Misguided paranoia
Fill your mind with facts and stats,
but that would annoy you,

so i lay them on tracks, and hope,
you reach for that rope,
see whos blowin smoke,
to disguise the truth,

I've seen the news,
I know the noose,
is close to my neck,
So i bring to you,


something about me,
an arab between,

tell you a little bout what made me, me,

last two were an intro,
this one's on everything,


Arab-white kid,

Labeled a terrorist,
in a country where terror is,

Mediated fiction,
Media addiction,

You smelt it, you dealt it, that kind of system,
light fire, put it out, stage heroism,

If im bad, youre bad, and if your bad, then we're bad,

so when you bomb, it's my bad,
and if they do, then they’re bad,

define bad, cause when i rap,

some say I’m bomb,
but i have none, like Iraq,

how’s that?!
i saw the troops

took and sold it,
profits sent to bush,

I will not hush,
am i not to look?

enough to flood a book,
I don’t just rhyme, I truth.
Track Name: PTSD
He left, and now she goin insane,
aint shit without her man,
or atleast she thinks,

but she move on,
cuz she need one,
cant do without a man,
do you, let it fit in there,
then, you can find them tens,

back and fourth,
they see saw,
everytime that she see's broads,
aint actin like he with her,
that is the reason why she mad,

but stupid,
and tends to forgive,
acts like she forgets,
She do it again

like she looped it,
listen to how the rules bend,
how the cruel, swindle things,
and how their friends ruined it,

its that weak shit,
im talkin the every bi week shit,
its all that shit in the middle,
that goes back to the point where they met,

She'd reject,
to avoid this regret,

whats next?
take a little break, like a recess?!

cheap sex,
forgot the latex,
worried about that im late text,
cant afford the test,
his few cents
wont buy him sense,
hes senseless,
both tense,

He dig, to the darkness of his wallet,
Counts, all the lint balls in his pocket,
Sellin all he owns, just tryna make a little profit,
head held high, refuse to count losses,

He push,

It's that or the army,
wont adequately arm me,
bring me home onry,

Play The System Dummy,
freedom, cant be taken from,
dont care if uncle sam wants me,

but he got a baby coming,
and that baby comes with a baby mama,
and all that drama, is more than nothing,

he wants to kill all the problems,
but the problems gottem running,

to the recruiter,
he just wants to sign something,

So he can run,

you'll even go to war,

He's for the door,

hes gettin away x3/4

She said, if he wants to run,
then lettem go,

she said, If he wants a gun,
then givem two,

He said, Hes not running,
what else can he do?

No profession, bun in the oven,
at 22,

choose whats best for you,
but you,
are not lacking on common sense,

redifine what it is to be abused,
then say are some are illegitimate?

She said,
My point of view is irrelevant,

sinner for taking medicine,
politics sellin sedatives,

pro life,
but wont let her live,

not safe,
even for the celibate,

but thats not how it works,
ignorants, argument is relevant

due to biased news,
other media abuse,

hack jobs, wack jobs,
platform for views.

judge this, judge that,
stop, look at you,

god this, god that,
get some e.d.u,

So we can run,
we'll even go to war,
We're coming to your door,

Their not getting away.
No getting away.


you and men the same,
analyze the brains,
we are here for change,
and our message will remain,

that you can do,
whatever men can do,

and you can choose,
whatever's best for you...
Track Name: Both Sides
i come from both sides,
the east,
and where weapons lie,

my people see defeat,
unless ruled by kind and tribe,


trade it for black gold,
wonderwomans lassol,
fight for peace,
til her last soul,

uncle sam,
wont let go,

wher eim from,
a casualty, is another lost sol,

to you it's another stat,
aint hat right?
Barry O?

Oh, very so,
wrong to politic,
heard knowledge is,
only for those who follow tradition,

extradite me,
im the black sheep,

get behind me,
you and I need,

better system,
you and I meet,

eye to eye teach,

(hope you) get my speech,

join in solidarity,

me, i come in peace,
still they want to bury me,

so i run
til my sneaks,

get torn off my feet,

I reach,

still, no where near my peak,

and I speak,
with no fear,

secret police,
do hear,

what I say,
stay clear,

deny truth,
to your ears,

but i lack fear to offend you,
I am not here for the rescue,
I just simply come with truth,
Hope it's enough to lure and tempt you,
It's the dude,

Who am I?


im just another rapper,
brushed aside, non factor,
but see it post-defacto,
words worth a million lashes,

it's easy to be passive,
from another continent,
but listen up, you people,
need to conjure some common sense,

they came for us,
no one spoke, gh my lines,
music to their ears,

then they came for you,
shook you loose,
theres was no one left to hear,

you voice any discontent,
cause you held me in contempt
empowered the contest,
what do you fear?
you complement,

with your tax dollars,
we're products,

money makers,
for these cowards,

and they're getting rich, sittin on piles,
brothers thirsty sitting on the nile,
put on song, people say im wild,
consciousness with a little style,

I bring them the truth,
people tellen me I'm foul,

would you prefer i lie,
or go full on columbine?

I couldn't care if I lose,
as long as I did it for mine,

I say mine, i mean you,
we're man, it's clear and defined,

I'm not here for the rescue,
just bringing truth through my rhymes,
Track Name: What You Want
We be like,
no baba, mabi a honda,
I just wanna rolls royce,
I need it cause I want it,

I'll settle for a bentley,
but it's gotta be the GT,

How would it look if poeple see me?
riding cheap?

shino im'aqideen?
Tmoohik wahlamik sarow innik tamlik GT,

Can't believe what I'm seeing,
resource without a product,
We don't make anything,

make something,
get up,

do something,
get up,

create a thought,
something that'll light your lid off,

create a light,
bright enough so you can lead off,

get room, take it,
don't leave it to pinch hitters,

draw some, do it,
bar none to it,

let it flow like fluid,
bloom right out my two lips

I let mine all fall into music,
progress, as your listening to it,

have you ever thought of what you want?
get up, get simple,
get it right from the jump,

Have you ever though of what you need?
to live,
those things you think come guaranteed, X2

Just want money,
want easy money,
want yeezy money,
that sleezy money,

slaves to the dollars,
yall see'em, many reasons, ugly,

but you say they're lucky,
followed by cameras, buggin,

slave to the product, (product)
when you die, other side, take nada, (nada)

witha si2alta, galik 3adda,
theft, it's what I call n7asa, (GREED)

Track Name: Rep'
im coming live from the evergreen,
jeddah connect,

I rep where I'm from,
got a camel on my neck,

black band on my wrist,
my way to pay respect,

for those who didn't make it,
pour some out, drink the rest,

beats in the hurse,
ashes to ashes,
carried out in a purse,
made out like some bandits,

can not fathom,
the mentality of factions,
revenge more violent than rampage jackson,

paxon, or pippen, to jordan, extortion,

ima work my ass off, til im someone important,

not rich,not famous,
as long as I'm not nameless,

never to be the same,
found a gift in the torch,

never tort,

never learned,
til I taught,

what i brought,
to the table,
is still a lot,

Downtown is the spot,

we stay busy,
and we're gettin it,

put on for my kins men,
and raisin some common senses,

i come from the east to the west,
going back to the east with the best,
I put on for the whole middle east.
so smooth put the truth on repeat,

Kaifan, block 1,
the city of the meanest sun,
the city born the meanest son,
the city burned, it took my lungs,

born 90, came in 91,
on qt'a wahed (block 1) where it all begun,

just mics and recorders,
lookin like reporters,

soundin all distorted,
didnt care, still sport it,

showd it to my fam,
They showed it to some friends,

ever since, I have been one with the pen,
know this will never end,

even if I don't meet ends,
on my conscious i cleanse,

even though dont make cents,
not a dollar to spend,

I see it all through the lens,
it's for you and my kin, but you think i sin,

some say it's 7aram,
some say I'm the one,

some don't get what I say,
or the reason I begun,

hope my bombs can silence the guns,
from the truth i wont run,
til i exhale every single word out my lungs,
I'm from,

Track Name: Luxury
i've only seen the world two ways,
is it true that culture pays,
the more I see the more I pace,
and the more it seems that I'm not safe,

hope you see through what i paint,
tainted ways that we may relate,
doubting the choices that I mightve made,
thing we buy, and how they were made,

or where, and what for,
what use, and what source,
whos bound to profit,
if I take that course,

lessons ive learned,
corners i've turned,
more i hear,
the more I find concern,

in the way that we live,
and waste through things that we give,
habit formed from when we were wee kids,
materials form our greatest weakness,
feel this,

Luxer over necessity,
All I need is someone next to me,
What we need is a remedy,
To our addiction to these things,
And all the problems that they bring.

more money,
more mashakil,

you got a rari,
u5ook iyou3, ma yakil,

wil mai ebiya8til,
nd we turn the cheek,
like its not wajib,

hope you hear this majed,
with each bar im marching,

the pens my weapon,
inks ammunition,

spills with a passion,
(like) me on mission,

hope you play and you listen,
(hope) I dont sound vindictive,

no judgement,
I was once a victim,

this system,
misguided us,

pimped us,
for a couple bucks,
our soul wasnt enough,

instead of indulge, we stuff,
fill our holes ,with stuff,

say we need it all like a crutch,

how could we choose this all over love?

Track Name: Stuck Between
North west, gulf road,

stuck between both two,

what can you do,
when theyre both homes,

both got fam, you look up to,

10 time zones,

lot of miles,
to put in between,

i like to think youre listening,

always try to mix you in,

guess it depends on what mix it is,

times like this,
and theres times that ive resorted to talking some shit,

but i know frustration come with assist,

got this lump in my throat,
and it feels like a cist,

made myself easy not to miss,

I couldnt resist,
love without a kiss

havent time to reminisce,

as of lately,

it hasnt fased me,
but then,
i saw her with him,

and it brought be right back there again,

I want her, back with all my friends,

as i repent,

see me through a lens,
suprise me,
let out spliff,

i wish it wasnt him,
or abood,
wala joe,
it's stupid,

wouldve done the same bid,
had i not hit the West coast and dip,
now i spit,

in honor of past memories,
i try to writem in,

went from a rider, to a writer,
now this is how i sin,

tryna make it big

so we can live like we did,

q63a wa7id

shake it off,
move on,
add it to,
a new song,

man just keep goin,
whatever path that youre on,

doin this for music,
put myself on repeat,

some are just down for money
but no richer than receipts,
I'll never relieve my guard,
supply relief from a far,

From in the bay throwin darts,
I knew that I'd give my all,

it's written across my heart,
and all of it's inner parts,

my addiction is bezzare,
douzens repeat in the car,

So, I just drive all these late night,
GL to lay all these rhymes,

2 hours, each way,
last thing i have is excess time,

i just knew success, mine,
make excuses,

just lace my boots,
so I write it , then i shoot it,
samarai produced it,

act like im the new kid,
like im not already doin this,
finished 10, may have even looped it,

10 thousand hours,
a long time coming,
turn your head, like you don't want it, ,
on me, have nothing..
and now i spit,

in honor of past memories,
i try to writem in,

went from a rider, to a writer,
now this is how i sin,

tryna make it big

so we can live like we did,

q63a wa7id (Block 1)

shake it off,
move on,
add it to,
a new song,

man just keep goin,
whatever path that youre on,

doin this for music,
put myself on repeat,

some are just down for money
but no richer than receipts,
Track Name: Rant
they keep us to smaller groups, hoping for greater purchases
and we become fans, looking for greater purposes,
confused by fads, and wonder what the purpose is.
If everyones got the key, then why is no one turning it?

Ignorance is fear, knowledge is bliss,
jedi mind I steer, into the more complex,
than money drugs and sex,
were pimped for profit,
a chimps design since, beginning of time, tempt,
a man to do wrong, blame him alone for his sins,
who can never do wrong? ofcourse, establishments,

course is condemned, filled with contaminants,
should I press send, or ignore see these events?

If the oppressed, weren't so pressed, treated as pests,
And what if these tests really set us up for the best?
But we're treated like less, business established,
If you can pay for the credits, educations limitless.

No alternative routes? I've learned more on reddit,
than I have from some professors,
books, saxon-centered,
burn through 'em, so quick,
Stayed warm through the winter,
class is in session, and truth's on the agenda

I ponder to pendulums,
wonder how people think,
or how they remember it,
I come from a different sea,
different society,

I've seen both sides of ugly,
the earth doesn't get greener,
the greed's the same, trust me,

disregard thy brother, thirsty and hungry,
it's all about watani, translated, my country,

blame the other,
observe one another,
So brothers attack brothers,
big brother watch and hover,

sitting at tables, 9-5 on the payroll,
Truth is, don't know why, they say so,

Gone rogue, going AWOL,
absent minded, I came close,
painted from a different angle,

owe it to my angel,
and all the money ive tossed,
opportunities lost,
sustained at cost,
i ran through, forgot to jog,
writers block, i hit a wall,
I swear I did it all with an honest cause,

The mediums gave me plenty to write along,
in hopes that ones day they let you ride along,
record a few songs, auction you off,
the whole concept of putting you on is wrong,

I showed up, Passed the class,
books, didn't need a class for that,
traded paper for paper, waste of cash,

So, i give you money, and you give me paper back?
don't make sense, I'll stick to my paperbacks,

they say its easier to digest ass,
but what's that say about you or your class?

This was both side's of the Sand,
Signing off, it's a wrap.